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I have been referring my patients to Dr. Sal Minicozzi for over 8 years. I have confidence that he will treat them with the respect and dignity that they deserve. He keeps me updated on their progress; and his treatment plans are efficient. I am also a patient of his and he has helped me tremendously.

Jason Holbrook, M.D.
Managing Partner -Alpharetta Internal Medicine

I’ve had the pleasure of working with Dr. Sal Minicozzi on a clinical research project which he conceived on and designed. It is rare to find the practicing clinician that is also understands the value of clinical research, to better the care of his patients. Dr. Minicozzi is an incredibly skilled and dedicated chiropractor, and his clinical and diagnostic skills are unparalleled. Simply put, he is one of the very best chiropractors I have ever had the pleasure of knowing.

Kaveh Khajavi, M.D.
Owner – Georgia Spine and Neurosurgery Center

There is no one better to help patients with sciatica or neck pain.

Lisa Montbellier, P.A.

Dr. Sal’s skill set goes beyond caring for the spine only. He has helped my patients who experience chronic headaches and neck pain; as well as TMJ dysfunction. I suggest that you have your patients give him a try.

Russ Boyd, D.M.D.
Owner –North Springs Family Dentistry

Pain is a multi-modal and multi-specialty problem. Dr. Sal has helped ease my patient’s pain by using chiropractic extremity management and active isolated stretching in conjunction with his other chiropractic services. He tailors his treatment to the patient’s needs and the results speak for themselves. Dr. Sal is a colleague and friend, I am fortunate to have him as part of my network of practitioners to defeat pain.

Shazad Wada, M.D.
Anesthesia/Pain Management – North Fulton Pain and Spine Center

I have known Dr. Minicozzi since 2006. He is very detail oriented and concerned about what is best for his patients. I have known him both professionally as a co-worker and as his patient. He has been able to diagnose and help me and many patients that I have referred to him. I would not hesitate in recommending him for chiropractic treatment and manipulation.

Kaya Caldwell, M.D.

Dr. Sal is the only Chiropractor to whom I would entrust my patients. He has taken care of them for many years. He’s shown tremendous compassion and knowledge every time I’ve referred to him. I have also trusted him with the care of my family for over 20 years. I endorse him without reservation.

Thomas L. Lyons M.D.
Owner – Center for Women’s Care and Reproductive Surgery

I have been a patient of Dr. Minicozzi’s for over a year now. What impresses me most is the time that he takes with his patients. He uses care in explaining the procedures that he does in the office; as well as what he has me do at home. My home program is what has gotten me better quicker, and keeps my office visits less frequent. I tell all my patients about him.

Sandra Lewis, R.N.

I have been seeing Dr. Minicozzi for the past 5 years. My visits include adjustments and core strengthening every 2 to 3 weeks. I leave his office with less pain, greater mobility AND stability. How he does it, I haven’t the remotest idea! I just know he helps my symptoms every time. Maybe, after all, everything is connected.

Bryan Crafts, M.D., F.A.C.A., D.A.B.A.

I have known Dr. Minicozzi for more than 7 years. In that time I have had the opportunity to co-manage the treatment of many patients. During that time, he has provided excellent Chiropractic care for these patients. I have received very positive feedback from patients who have undergone treatment with him.

Dean Kostakos, D.P.M.
Owner – North Fulton Podiatry

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