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Over the years, Intelligent Chiropractic has cared for many patients, giving back to them a better quality of life. Here are just a few of those patients sharing their own stories….

“My golf game has really improved lately. I’m getting a bigger shoulder turn and making a better move to the golf ball. Since I’ve been seeing Dr Minicozzi, I’m hitting the ball a mile.”

— Joe Laterra, Memphis, TN

”Without the help of the professionals at Intelligent Chiropractic, I wouldn’t be able to stay as active as I am. I strive to stay in shape. I reach that goal because of one reason …Dr. Sal.”

— S.M. Calloway, Atlanta, GA

“I flew to Atlanta because of a referral from my chiropractor. My golf game had been suffering lately as I limped around the course. The professionals at Intelligent Chiropractic evaluated my movement patterns and found some faults in my motion. After a few days my knees felt great and when I got back home my golf game started to improve. I’ve also noticed that I’m now hitting the ball 15 yards farther off the tee. What an unbelievable difference!”

— John Medugno, Naples, FL

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