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Intelligent Chiropractic’s highly developed sports rehabilitation program can help you, your child, or your loved one achieve performance goals beyond your imagination using the Athletic Training Philosophy.

How Sports Medicine Works

We all have certain biomechanical attributes. Some are fixed and unchangeable. However, some of these attributes can positively affect the body’s capacity for athletic performance.

Using validated clinical techniques, we can isolate those mechanical variables that we can affect. Then utilizing the correct mix of science and hands-on clinical treatment, functional stretching, and specific exercises, we will enhance your ability to perform your sport or athletic physical activity with improved technique, more power, and reduced risk of injury. Instead of investing in new equipment that may compensate for biomechanical deficiencies, invest in your body. You won’t regret it!

Fitness for All

No matter your age or sex. A program can be designed to fit you and improve your life. Proper nutrition and a well-designed exercise plan consisting of weight resistance, flexibility, and cardio will ensure optimum health.

Let our top performance program combine a unique treatment of physical therapy, spinal adjustments, and focus-specific exercises to rehabilitate your muscles, joints, and nerves to get your body working in synergy. The result is decreased pain, increased mobility and function, and a better range of motion.

Let us at Intelligent Chiropractic, led by Dr. Sal Minicozzi, take your game to the next level.

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