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Laser Therapy

Laser Therapy


Laser TherapyNeuromuscular Skeletal conditions are common in all of us. We can all experience sprains, strains and pain that just won’t go away resulting from repetitive strains in our work place or from trauma in our everyday lives. Pain and inflammation are things we have grown to accept as something we probably will just have to live with. Medical practitioners across North America have discovered a modern medical technology that heals injuries safely and effectively on a cellular level. Welcome to the age of laser energy therapy!

Laser energy helps to repair damaged cells by accelerating the body’s natural healing mechanisms. (1)

Depending on the severity of the injury, you can return to an active lifestyle pain-free within a few weeks versus months or years of life altering pain.

At Intelligent Chiropractic we specifically use the multi-radiance TerraQuant T Q Solo laser system which can penetrate up to 4 inches into tissue, to promote cellular regeneration at the source of injury.


Pain is believed to originate from an ionic differentiation of potassium (K+) and sodium (Na+) ions across a cellular membrane. Our laser system technology increases cellular membrane permeability and causes a re-absorption of sodium and expulsion of potassium molecules, removing the gradient and thus the pain signal at source. (2)


No clinically tested modality is proven to be more effective for arthritis. (3)

While arthritis is a chronic condition without a cure, laser treatments can provide substantial relief from symptoms by reducing inflammation of the joints, eliminating pain, increasing range of motion of the joints and improving immune cell production and efficiency. (4)

Cold lasers reduce inflammation in arthritis-affected joints by stimulating the lymphatic system, which drains interstitial fluid from tissues located in the injured area. (5)

Laser treatments also regenerate immune cells (lymphocytes). The lymphatic system carries these lymphocytes to the injured area where they excrete bio-energy used to destroy infection. When the laser empowers the lymphocytes, each cell releases more bio-energy making it a better combatant.


Laser treatments accelerate each of the three phases associated with the natural healing of wounds: inflammation, proliferation and remodeling. (6)

The result is a reduction in pain, inflammation reduction, increased stimulation of connective tissue (granulation tissue) and increased capillary production (angiogenesis) leading to improved blood flow during proliferation.


Cold Laser Therapy assists athletes in achieving better results from their workout programs. This is accomplished by administering laser treatment before and after exercise and athletic competitions. Research has shown that there is reduced muscle fatigue and a diminished of delayed onset muscle soreness (8).(7)


Cold Laser Therapy has been shown to help with the effects of significant trauma. Research suggests that injuries such as whiplash (9, 10) and fractures (11) have healed faster and more complete with the help of cold laser.


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